Travel frenzy.


Another two very eventful weeks since my last posting. Two weeks ago, I went to Paris and gave an English version of my experimental speech that so badly crashed in Germany at a big conference in Paris. And this time, I made sure — through lots of discussion and preparation with the tech team — that the speech would work out. It did, it’s now on YouTube, and it has already collected more than 800 views. So that went well. But still, the whole thing really stressed me out. I got another eye infection the same day, and finally ended up going to the hospital last weekend, to make sure that it’ll be alright. It went away again, but my eyes and the problems I have with them are still bothering me.

Last week was the most intense in terms of traveling — Monday Hamburg for two meetings, Tuesday London (where I met with our one colleague there, with whom I also did a little Christmas party which was quite nice and which included a ride on the London Eye, see above), and on Wednesday I was supposed to fly to Geneva for two meetings. Had to get up really early (5:30) and take a taxi to London City Airport. Arriving there (not quite awake yet), I learned that my flight was canceled. After waiting for an hour in a line at a Swiss counter, I got a new boarding pass for a flight from Heathrow at 12:25, which would allow me to make it in time for the second (and more important) meeting in Geneva. Swiss paid a taxi to drive me across town to Heathrow. I immediately went through security and wanted to find my gate … And learned that this flight had been canceled, too. So finally I ended up participating in the meeting from some lounge at the Heathrow airport, and then flew to Düsseldorf from there …

My emailing with N is difficult for me. We keep in touch, she only answers emails when I send one, but when she does it’s always quite sweet. I guess I simply don’t have the patience to wait, and take my time, and not force things. At the end of the day, I know that she likes me, and I will see how things turn out when I’m there at the end of January. All else is really just me being impatient and immature. So it’s really nothing more than an exercise in patience, and in self-confidence. But if you need to exercise something, it means that you’re not good at it. Which is why I am struggling a little.

Rum celebrated her birthday last night, Cay came, too. It was an okay evening. Today I’m going to Kal’s Advent tea thing, and then I’m off to Budapest, for the last business trip of the year. M emailed me last week that she got engaged. I felt a little lonely at the time, but now I am really happy for her. That she did find a companion in her boy-friend.


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