Budapest … Prague … Skype.


Last Sunday, after a short visit at Kal’s who was doing a nice little “Advent’s Sunday” at his house, I flew to Budapest. On Monday, we had an appointment there, and on Tuesday morning, the team drove five hours over to Prague, where we had another appointment that afternoon. That evening, we did a little Christmas celebration with the Central & Eastern European team, in Prague, at a nice restaurant. Pictured above what I had for dinner. Really nice (even though we had to wait a little too long for our food).

On Wednesday morning, I flew back to Berlin. And the end of that trip meant the end of all the traveling for now, and almost: Christmas break. I really need a break after all this traveling. On Wednesday night, I had another fun evening with my Internet buddies at SoHo house. And on Thursday night, I had, well … I had a date. I guess.

I suggested to N an idea that I thought she could not reject: that we would have a movie night together, in Milan and Berlin at the same time. On Skype. Not talking, or video-talking, but just chatting. We would start the film at the very same time, and that way have the “experience” together … and we could afterwards “talk” about the film in our Skype chat. So we did. Well, sort of. I had set up everything on my end, and when we met online, we started chatting, just to get going, I guess. And then we were supposed to start the film that we had picked. Except … we didn’t. We were skype-chatting for four hours. It must have been the longest online chat in my life. We talked about each other, and about a million other things, and I really didn’t want it to end. And neither did she. Only, at some point she began talking about how this can never be more than “this”, only in “another life,” suggesting that she could not get out of her other relationship, I guess … I don’t quite know what to say when she mentions that. I only know that she really likes me. And I really like her. The rest is up to her … or us, when I’ll be there. She is extremely cute. And so many more things that are so lovely. I wish I could see her sooner.

I think she is a little afraid now, of how powerful that was. Despite us being 1,000 kilometers apart. What will happen when we’re in the same place? I am sure this is worrying her now. I’ll leave her a little more “alone” now, with emails and stuff, and give her time to think about it all.

Tomorrow I’m going to my parents. I just hope that I’ll be cheerful and happy this Christmas. They deserve that. And so do I.


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