I arrived yesterday. The drive was super-relaxed and entirely uneventful, just beautiful scenery, see above. The apartment is small but nice. I’ll be good here. Across the street is a very charming restaurant where I had a delicious pizza last night. There is a supermarket right next door, open even on Sundays. Last night, I already had a long walk, to where the office is and beyond, in a big circle returning home after almost an hour and a half. N started writing emails to me in Italian. And I respond in Italian as well. She loves it, I love it. It’s not easy, but I am making progress. Also, she is very sweet, starting to make plans for things to do and see together, and she suggested that I get an Italian mobile number. Which is an idea that I like … for obvious reasons. Today, I went to see the old castle and the Triennale museum, she had recommended both to me. For entertainment purposes, I started to watching Mad Men again, season 4. God, this stuff is so well written.


What else? I was at headquarters Thursday and Friday. We had lots of meetings, and some good stuff happened. On Friday night, a group of us was hanging out in the office kitchen until late, goofing off, telling stupid stories and generally just having fun. It was good. It is a good company. I wouldn’t be able to stand it if it wasn’t. We get to make it what we want it to be, and that is generally working.

Last Monday, I had dinner with Chriz again. As always, that was very inspiring and just good for the soul. I don’t think I know many people who have as much soul as he does. He convinced me to start learning to use Flash for my animation stuff. I will, that’s my plan for my private hours here in Italy. Like I did way back when I spent a week in Scotland, teaching myself Final Cut.

Last weekend I spent with my parents. That was good, too. A couple years ago, my father had given me a toy / science experiment car that runs on hydrogen. We’d never made it run, because it needs destillated water. Finally, my father procured some, we assembled it, and had it drive around on the dinner table. Fun! Also, there we regional elections that weekend, my mother was “election helper”, and the social democrats and greens won and will now elect the government. Good stuff.

Last week, I’d spent two days in London at the office there. Again, we had two good meetings.

Life is treating me well. I feel good about the coming weeks here in Italy. Tonight, my host (the woman renting the apartment to me) is taking me along to have a bite to eat, with a friend of hers.

On my iPad, Tom Waits is singing “Cold Cold Ground.”


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