I took the above photo at a famous Italian racetrack yesterday. I went there with a colleague and her boy-friend and a couple of other people. This is the old part with steep curves that is no longer being used. Right underneath this (which is actually a bridge across the new track), the current GT cars flew by in a race.

This weekend, I feel like I may be arriving in Italy, in a way. Today, I was motivated and had ideas, and a lust for doing things. I haven’t felt like that in a while. The idea to move here and take on a more permanent job with the Italian office is growing constantly. And that despite the fact that I really got hit by a sort of backlash against that last Monday. After being very upbeat about it already last week, I met with N on Monday morning, to discuss this idea with her. And man. It hit me again, so hard. I thought I’d really started to get over the whole damn thing, but then being there with her, and having these laser beam eyes on me again, and that smile, and somehow seeing all the things I love about her, really hit me hard again. And all of a sudden I was doubting again. And then after that, a candidate for the local MD job came, and he was good. So good that I thought, after this, that I would just be crazy doing this, when I was still so affected by her, and when there was someone else who might be better at it than I would.

But then the week went by, with a lot of traveling again (Geneva, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt), and with some nice developments in the Italian team, and with lots of conversations, and now I am back to thinking that I should (and want!) to do it.

Today, I had the first Skype call with my parents. Unfortunately, video didn’t work. But other than that, it worked well.

The sky is blue and the sun is shining.


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