Last Wednesday night, I had a video conference with the founders and managing board of our company, and pitched to them the idea that I want to move to Italy, and be the MD here. I’d had an ally among them who had already worked them a little behind the scenes. And there was no opposition — I got the job. And yesterday, we told the team. And they loved it. So this is it, it’s decided: I am moving to Italy.

The best thing about the video conference was that at the very end, when it was already all clear, I asked the four of them one final question: “Do you really trust me with this job?” And without hesitation, all four immediately said “Yes of course.” That felt really good.

Yesterday, the team broke out into loud applause when we told them. That felt good, too.

The one thing: I am still in love with N, very very much. This week I was here at the office every day, and the more time I spend with her, the more difficult I find it to write her off as not interesting, or as somehow not right, or as boring, or something like that. She is amazing. Yesterday, she gave me a hug after it was announced with my new job, and that I would be staying. This will be my fiercest battle here — to deal with her, and with my feelings for her.

Finished season two of Homeland this morning, on iTunes. Oh man. How can I wait until the fall, for season 3?!


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