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Never Ending Story.

I could fill pages and pages about the emotional roller-coaster ride that’s going on and on and on. But I have to make it short because I’m just not willing to write all that much. This past week was particularly … Continue reading

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Two weeks again. Last weekend, I just couldn’t be bothered to write. The week before that had been hard, emotionally. First, I had to finish the moving and packing, and all that stuff, and that was difficult for me, to … Continue reading

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I sat down with Ursula and Steve for dinner tonight, after long day of dealing with my past, in the form of all this stuff in my apartment that I am cleaning up and cleaning out. They tend to be … Continue reading

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“Awesome” is work.

Last weekend was difficult. My parents came to town, on their way through to a holiday destination further south in Italy. I spent the late afternoon and evening on Saturday with them, and then the whole Sunday. There was tension, … Continue reading

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