Off to Sicily.

That picnic last weekend was surprisingly delightful. There were some eight to ten of us, only one person I knew, everyone from all kinds of places, a few Italians, a Mexican, a Spanish girl, a French guy. We played frisbee in the park, and I was happy to be part of the kind of group that I would usually see from a distance with envy. I am meeting people in this town, and I will have a life here. It was nice to see that.

On Monday I drove to Munich and spent the afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday there at the office. On Thursday (a holiday in Bavaria and in Italy) I drove back. I used to love long drives like that — it’s a six hour haul — but I don’t anymore. They are just getting on my nerves now. On Thursday afternoon, a colleague was supposed to do a barbecue, but that was cancelled, so I stayed home in the evening. On Friday I spent the whole day alone at the office here in Italy. I had to get everything wrapped up before my holidays.

Today, I was quite the efficient shopper. I am really bad at clothes shopping, and particularly at doing it in a strange place and in a language I don’t speak well. I did a surprisingly good job, considering. Within two hours, I had bought two pairs of shoes, two T-/polo shirts, a pair of jeans, and one-day contact lenses. I was quite proud of myself. After that, some more organising things at home. And tonight it’s off to Sicily.



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