Twenty Years Since Graduation.

Last weekend, I met with my former classmates, with whom I graduated — after 20 years. A couple months ago, I felt uneasy about this. Thinking that in the game of “look what I have achieved”, my complete lack of any family of my own would just depress me. But as with the ten year reunion, it wasn’t so bad. Everyone has their load to carry, some others are alone like me, and some of those who have stable families do not have lives that I’d like to trade mine in for. And my recent move to another country made for a good headline. And I did have a few really good conversations. One old classmate kept referring to me as “an artist he admired”. That was a nice surprise.

I also saw my parents, which was nice, and overall happy, and a good thing.

What else happened in the past two weeks? I saw a house that I may want to rent in Milan. It’s a little house at the end of a courtyard. The place does many things really well that I love. There are just two doubts: enough light? I’ll check on that on Wednesday, when I am there again to see it during the day. And will I be happy to live with some of the way it’s equipped on the inside? Will I be happy with the slightly ill-coloured and decorated bathroom? I’ll decide on Wednesday (slightly worried that they may accept another tennant in the meantime … let’s hope they don’t).

Oh man, and I started my drawing lessons! I enrolled in this arts school, where I am taking comic book drawing lessons twice a week. It’s strange to “go to school” again, and I feel a little ill at ease sometimes, because I am 15 years older than everybody else (I think), and I don’t speak the language well. But the actual learning is wonderful. It takes me away from any thoughts about N, or makes them really small, and that is really nice. Let’s see where this goes!

Tonight I’ll go and make music with my new musician friend Tinto again. We have been meeting four or five times now, and we get along really well, and I think we may actually be able to build something together.

Work is going well, too. Overall, things are not bad.

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