These past couple of weeks have been a bit trying. After that happy day in Florence, work has become really really exhausting. There is a lot going on with those clients that I am responsible for, both the ones here in Italy, where the team is fighting with a new platform that makes their lives miserable, and that makes a great client service difficult, and with clients that I also work with in some of the other countries, where competitive pressure and just the difficulties of everyday work have been a little too numerous to keep cool. Add to that that I have been traveling too much again – which is totally working against the idea that I could stay more in one place here in Italy, and not be on the road so much – and that my moving is coming closer, and the fact that I’ll be between homes again, and you have a mix of things that get to me. I don’t sleep well, I wake up anxious, it’s not good … I need to find more calm in the new year. And I know that it will go on like this until the middle of December. Let’s hope that nothing breaks.

As I am typing this, a kind person is cleaning my new place; I have hired hired her for this purpose, she is also doing the cleaning in the place where I am currently staying. I also wanted to start packing tomorrow, so I can transport my things to my new place at the end of next week, but I have just decided to postpone that to the last weekend in November, when I’m coming back from a trip to Berlin.

Last week, we had a two day workshop with all our managing directors in Spain. That was exhausting again, there is never enough time to get the things done that need getting done … On Thursday, I had to go to Rome …

Like I said, it’s just a little much right now.

Last weekend was nice though: I met with my two music projects to play and rehearse, and it was really nice with both, and I worked on a song at home, which also turned out well. I sometimes have the feeling that I actually do have some artistic talent within me, that might amount to something. So that was good.


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