Busy New Year.

It’s already been three weeks again. A lot has happened. I went skiing in the Italian Alps with my friends (New Year’s Eve was beautiful, there was only four of us, in a very good restaurant, we had a dinner that went for hours, and just had a relaxed time; the rest of the trip was okay), and after that, work began again.

So I’m back in a life with N. At the beginning, things were fairly difficult for me, but as the normal every day life starts again, I am actually doing better and better, getting back my distance. If only the weather wasn’t so absolutely totally bad. It’s been raining for days now, pouring, really.

At work, things were very tiring the first two weeks. But overall, it’s going okay. We increased the team, have two new colleagues (well, one’s an intern), and so we’re making some changes in the office also, to fit everybody in.

The first week after the new year was totally dominated by the massive email list that I had to work off. I’d been on holiday for three weeks, after all. And last week was super-intense, we had to do a two-day brainstorming session. I have never done a brainstorm over two days. I was completely dead afterwards, because I’d slept very little, due to the fact that I had to take care of lots of other stuff early in the mornings, and because we’d done it all in Italian, and so it was extra difficult for me.

Thursday last week, I went to Istanbul again, where I had to give a speech to 140 people, which I could only prepare that same morning (again due to the other stuff this week), and that same afternoon I had to give yet another presentation by phone, from the Istanbul airport, so at the end of the week, I was really and properly done for. The nice thing about the Istanbul trip, though, was that I saw my colleague and friend Tone again, and that is always a good thing. I did get some rest this weekend, and what was really nice: band rehearsal on Saturday night. The band is making nice progress, I am really happy about that.

I had a strange encounter on Monday this past week: I met a woman I’d known back in Germany, she was here for a business meeting. We had lunch. It turned out that her face was different now … she’d had plastic surgery done. At least that’s what it totally looks like. She was very pretty before, and now she does look kind of amazing, but then you realize that her face is somehow frozen. And that is so strange. And also quite sad. I find.


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