One month.

It’s been a month that I wrote the last time. I did get over mindfuck, and have managed to really move forward in the past weeks. And a number of nice things happened:

  • With the band, we did our first demo recording in one of the rehearsal labs. I’d brought four cameras, and we filmed one of our songs from four different positions. After that, I really went to town with Final Cut and turned it into a not half decent film. This little music video will be the cornerstone of our web launch. We now have a name for the band, we have a video, I set up Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter accounts, and when I’m back from my holidays we’ll be able to really start getting moving with promoting our stuff. Fun!
  • Workwise, we’ve made fairly cool progress with our most important client here in Italy. Much of that was also my doing, and I am fairly proud of it.
  • Two days ago, the guys in the holding company in Germany signed the contract to bring an investor on board. This will be our ticket not only for really moving the company into the future, but also to allow us (me!) a slow but predictable exit. Which I am very happy about.
  • Because of this, I’ve also been traveling to Germany, to speak with different people who might be able to help me with advice on how to invest money usefully, and how to go about personal financing questions. I didn’t go to bankers and consultants, but rather to people who have sold companies themselves, and who know what to do, without wanting to sell to me.An old friend who was a major romantic interest of mine at university (and who hurt me a lot then …) reached out to me, somewhat unexpectedly. It’s a little puzzling, and I am not sure what it’s good for. But I was happy about it in a small way.My parents went to Israel on a trip together and had a really good time, and very much enjoyed the journey, the group they were with, and the experiences.On different occasions and in different ways, I have realized how fortunate I am for some friends that I have, here and in Germany, and in France.I finally got Internet in my home here in Italy. For a couple of months, I went online only with a mobile hotspot, and that’s over now. Praise the lord!And I’ve managed to get Netflix here in Italy. How cool!

There was also a bit of negative stuff:

  • Our sales efforts in the local company here, beyond that key client mentioned above, are not really getting traction right now. That is concerning me.
  • I had a really unpleasant flu again last week. Was knocked out for four days. (However, thanks to Netflix, see above, that was bearable …)
  • I still feel lonely from time to time, not understanding or knowing how to find someone significant, someone great, someone fun, someone attractive and attracted. (But I am doing much better coping with that, I think.)

And now I need to pack my bags because tomorrow I’m flying to the US, for my holidays.


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