Another month went by.

It seems like these days I cannot do more than a monthly writing rhythm. These past weeks since I wrote my last blogpost were crazy full, too. Sometimes I feel too overwhelmed by everything to actually sit and try to write it all down. As time passes, it gets easier because things blend together in the past, they form into a narrative that’s easier to summarize. I’ll start with more recent things. My right eye is bothering me. Sounds like a silly thing to say, but I’ve been having this infection for weeks and weeks now, and yesterday I finally went to an eye doctor here in Italy. I hope his prescription (eye drops and an ointment) will help. At some point, a couple of weeks ago, this thing kind of seemed to spread to my whole body and really affect my well-being overall. So last week (on a business trip to London), I already went to a pharmacy and already got antibiotical drops. They helped somewhat but it’s not going away yet …

This last week, I did a little experiment. I had two couchsurfers over at my place, from Saturday until Thursday. Two very nice medical students from Germany, they were very sweet, I hung out with them a little, and quite enjoyed that, actually. I could tell them a few of the things that I had learned about Italy, so they saw a few things from my perspective, which hopefully was interesting to them.

Workwise, things are going okay. We need to sell more, and I am not exactly sure what to do about that. But we’ll find a way. Also, a financial audit on the Italian company was performed, which did not affect me all that much, but rather our new accountant. He’s very young, but extremely motivated, and he did an amazing job — particularly because I was in London much of the time: The previous week, we did a workshop in London with an international team from our company. It was a good workshop, very concentrated, very productive, in our London office. N was there, too, she works on the same client for whom we were all trying to share best practice ideas and better ways of working. And that was fine. I think I have made much progress, and can deal with her better. Also because I came a day early (so I did not travel with her), to see our English team leader and have a meeting with her on Monday evening. She is really cool, we get along very well. She had a bad car accident last fall/winter, on her way to see the client, and she is still recovering from that. Next week she’ll be out of the office again for another three weeks, to have the second surgery on her back. But after that she should soon be back to normal.

And the week before that was the one right after my return from the US. I returned on the 17th, so I had four days left of work etc. That included meetings in Rome and Pescara. The nice thing was that during this holiday I’d actually kept looking at my emails, every now and again. I always used to be almost religious about the fact that I would not see a single work email during my holidays. But with my new job, I felt that was maybe not the right thing to do. So I read emails pretty much twice a day, briefly, just to quickly deal with really urgent stuff. The upside was that coming back, I did not have this crazy load to work off. (The downside: bad news spoiled a day or two …)

So, my holidays. During the first two weeks in March, I went to the SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, it was my very first time! It was a very interesting trip. The sessions, the people, the country. There were a few really interesting sessions, the ones from “film” were the most interesting to me. I was happy to have gotten that badge. I discovered or rediscovered some things about the USA that I liked. I had been ready to “give up” on America after Snowden and a few other things, and this trip showed me that you can never give up on America. Even though I went with friends, I sometimes felt quite lonely. But I also met some very interesting people. A friend of a friend, an American guy who lives in Hamburg. A very funny cab driver who hauled us around a lot, after I’d gotten his cell number. And a Californian girl who lives in NYC. We spent some 18 hours together the day we met, and now we are organising her visiting me here in Italy.

Things are not so bad right now. If only my eye wasn’t bothering me …

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