Unsure but not unhappy.

L was here for four days. And it was just so very different from the way romance usually goes in my life. I usually only know two ways: one, I find a woman incredibly amazing, and, oh my god, she’s got to be the one, and if not with her, with whom?!, and this has got to work out. Two, a woman really likes me, and that makes me want to run away because I usually don’t like her much. This was different. It was good. Calm, somehow. I was not breathlessly excited. I was not over my ears in love. But I knew that this is a very remarkable person here with me, with whom I want to spend these days. Overthinking, this also made me nervous, in some small ways: is this enough? Is this something I should pursue, or is it somehow “not big enough”?

We did tourism here in town, but also elsewhere, travelling around a little bit. We didn’t fight once.

A week has passed since she left on Easter Monday morning. And I have been thinking a lot about her, and I like most of the thoughts that I’ve been having. Yesterday, we did a Google Hangout for an hour and a half. I quite enjoyed that. I was really happy to see her. She said more than once that she has tried long distance relationships, and they don’t make her happy. So the future is unknown. As always.

Last night, we did something fun: Pac and Leigh, and another couple came, we first made dinner together — here in my kitchen — and then did a video night out on my terrace. I’ve always wanted to do that, a video evening on the terrace, with the screen that I have, and with the projector. It worked really well, I was very happy. This past week was a very short work week: Monday was Easter Monday, and Friday was a national Italian holiday. So I had another three day weekend. I spent seven or eight hours on Friday, to finally work on a music piece again that had been sitting around for months now. It’s a piece I need for my scuba diving video that I am working on. I made nice progress, very happy with the result. Earlier today, I had a skype call with my parents. They seem happy and healthy. And I’ll see them next week, when I’ll go there on a trip with Pac and Leigh.

This afternoon, I am taking care of a few things here at home, before I’ll go make music again with Tinto.

I am a happy man right now. Look at this blog, and the years I’ve been describing in it, and you’ll see that this is not a thing that I have been saying often, recently.


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