A gruesome week ends in the best possible way.

This past week was really taxing. On Wednesday night, an email came round, saying that there were issues with a big business deal of ours, and that it might not go ahead. My ideas for my personal future, and my understanding of what our company really is, were hinging on that. And a three day workshop with all our managing directors from the various countries that we’re doing next week. And so I was not only thrown into doubt about the future of our company (which led to me sleeping only three hours one night) — no, it also led to two long late night phone conferences with my partners, which kept me from working properly on another project which was important, a fairly detailed proposal for a potential client that we’d seen last Monday, and which had to be finished by Thursday night/Friday morning. And then I had to fly to London on Friday for another meeting with an important client, on which a lot was riding, after I’d already been travelling Monday and Tuesday. Little sleep, a lot of concerns, and a high level of stress. And there were moments when I thought it would be almost like a (very unrealistic) dream if these various concerns and worries could somehow be dealt with by the weekend.

But then exactly that happened.

The meeting in London was quite a revelation, we spoke with a key person on the client side who we’d had trouble having meetings with, making us wonder if she was actually interested in what we do for them. She turned out to be a major fan, and just really really busy, but we managed to discuss all the key issues that we have, and she promised to make some things easier for us. And while I was on the way back, two emails came in, and I found them when I landed back in Italy. One, saying that we’d managed to get that big deal going again, and actually concluding it. And ensuring that we’d be fine with our workshop next week. Two, saying that that client liked our proposals on Friday and wanted to move forward.

What a day! Everything turning out the way I had hoped it would. Amazing. I called my parents on the way home from the airport, and afterwards had another Hangout with L, to tell her about it all.

We’re planning a one week holiday in June, and want to go to Provence. She has already bought the ticket, and now we need to find a place where we want to stay.

Last week and weekend, I was on a trip to Germany, showing Pac and Leigh where I’m from, and what my favourite spots are. They had a wonderful time in Berlin, and on the weekend with my parents we stayed in our cottage, and everyone got along splendidly. The whole trip, and seeing these places through the eyes of people who don’t know them and come from somewhere really different, showed me how beautiful these places are. It was a beautiful experience, but also a little tiring — quite unsurprisingly, when you’re in charge of the programme on such a journey. The whole trip had been my birthday gift to Pac.

This weekend is totally quiet, I am staying home, yesterday I hardly did anything at all. I didn’t even leave the house. But I needed that, after this crazy week.


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