A Somewhat Technical Post.

I spent this past weekend with my parents. I actually already arrived on Thursday around noon. I’d come to town also because I had two doctors’ appointments on Friday, one with an eye doctor who was finally able to tell me what to do about my ever-annoying eye. I’m not going to go into detail it here, suffice to say that I think he’s right, and I feel better about it. Also, I went to a general physician for a sex pill. Yes indeed. Not because I need it physically, that’s all working, but because I need it mentally. With L on her last visit, things were a little awkward in that respect, and that wasn’t the only time it was like that. So I thought I’d organize this, to help things along a little on our trip next week (we’ll be traveling to France together). She’s been behaving slightly strangely lately, in our exchanges texting, and also on our video chats. Not exactly sure what’s going on.

The stay with my parents was difficult at first, fighting again between me and my father on the first night, and then between my father and my mother on the second night … We tend to clash when I get there. But then over the weekend we managed to smooth things out and it was good that I was there. Also, I slept a lot. And I am thinking a lot about moving on in my life, away from my job. And I will be able to, I hope, within a year and a half, if things go the way I hope they will.

I just bought a plane ticket to go down to Sicily and visit people I met scuba-diving last summer, for a weekend in early July. That’ll be interesting!

This past week, before I arrived at my parents’, the week was dominated by a massive event we had at an important client of ours, outside Frankfurt. We had prepared a lot for this, and did a combination of a speech of mine, and a real-life workshop/experience kind of thing. It went really really well, and was a major success for us, I think. But I was completely drained after that. It was really exhausting.

Last Monday night, Tinto and I did some recording here at my place. I think we can do cool stuff together, recording. I am looking forward to working on the tracks that we started. He gave a concert on the Saturday before, and that was an interesting experience, because I’d talked to him about his singing style, and how to improve it before. It was an interesting experience to give someone else feedback about how to improve their performance, I am beginning to know what to look for. And he put some of that feedback into action, and changed things, and I feel like that really did improve the performance.

Last Monday was a holiday in Milan, but I did have to work some also. Even on a three day weekend, I cannot really calm down and find my peace. I really need a longer break. Even that one week holiday is not going to be enough.

The week before that, we had a three day workshop in Prague, with lots of international colleagues.


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