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I am watching the film “The Internet’s Own Boy” right now. Amazing story, amazing man. And it does remind me that we cannot be content with not aspiring for real change that we ourselves can effect in our lives.

A couple hours ago I decided to completely change my plans for this coming week – I have yet another eye infection, it just kind of sprang up on Friday, and today my left eye (now it’s the left eye, my previous problems were always with my right eye …) looks like I’ve been hit by a fist, or something like that. It’s annoying. And it still seems to me that my body is somehow out of whack. For the longest time now, I have felt that something isn’t right. Is it because my work is just weighing on me too much, that I want to get away from it? Is it the apartment I live in? It’s a little moist, does that simply bother me? What is it?

I constantly felt tired and overwhelmed these last days. Is it the job? Something has got to be different, but I am not sure what. And the long-term plans of change I am already making, but that’s not enough apparently to feel good in the now.

The past week was marked by a trip to Geneva, and the crazy outrageous incomprehensible football match between Brazil and Germany in the World Cup. I missed the first half, I was on a train when it happened, and could only follow it on Twitter. Which was a strange way to do so.

Last weekend, I was in Sicily. I wanted to go scuba diving with a friend whom I’d met back last summer. Well, we hardly knew each other, but we’d kept in touch via Facebook. And recently she had invited me to come down for diving for a weekend. Unfortunately the diving fell through because according to the dive center the underwater conditions weren’t okay to go. So it ended up being a really relaxed weekend, with lots of sleeping, and hanging out, and some walking around. K had organized a very nice hotel for me, at an affordable rate, and we did some sightseeing, and talked a lot. I got the impression that maybe she likes me … I am not really attracted to her, but I do like her. She also came to Milan for business last week, and she joined us when we watched Argentina vs. Netherlands on Wednesday night, in an open air place.

The week before that, I drove down to Munich. We did a one-day workshop with the guys, about how we want to plan the future of our company. It was really intense, but I got my plans “approved” for moving forward.

And now I need to pack, to fly to Germany. Let’s hope they can help me with my eye, and fast.


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