Amazing Gran Canaria.

Gran CanariaI did not know how insanely amazing the central part of Gran Canaria is. Nana and I went there for a one-week holiday, after New Year’s. It’s 2015 now. The year started with me celebrating New Year’s Eve with Nana and her parents. It was really nice. They came late and brought food, we had prepared some food, too. Her parents seem really nice, the father is a very sweet (and rather shy) man, the mother was very funny and nice. At midnight we went out to the park where everyone was in the snow (there was so much snow here during the week when I was her at Nana’s), and we brought sparkling wine and a handful of fireworks rockets.

And a few days later, we flew to Gran Canaria. I had found a hotel right on the central spot, Cruz de Tejeda. We really enjoyed it there. We always alternated, quiet days at the hotel, and then a day in the rental car, going to one of the coastal places. But the one thing I really fell in love with was the central valley where Tejeda and Artenara are. It was like a place where they could have shot Lord of the Rings, or films like that. I was really amazed by what I saw. Between Nana and myself, things were nice. During the first three days, we had three nasty fights (we also had a couple while I was staying at her place back home for a week), but after that, we had found out how to be with each other, and how to handle one another. On the night before last, we found a super-charming restaurant run by a gay couple, they were extremely nice, and we went on the last night, too, and kind of befriended them. And all of this made me think a lot about maybe setting up some form of winter residence here in the future, when I will have some more time, and the need to get away from the winter depression back home.

Gran Canaria 2

Right when we got back, work had us back. At headquarters, a big project was waiting for the both of us (we had met working on this together), but it all worked out wonderfully. Yesterday, I had to travel to Italy for a work thing, which also went supersmoothly. So jobwise, the new year is beginning very well.

But the most important thing, I think, is that I have discovered what love to a woman is, I think. It’s about settling down inside your heart, and accepting that there is a person who is doing you good, overall. A person in whom you see a warmth and the kind of humour that you know will always make your life better. Whenever I have been with someone, I have too often spent too much time thinking about how someone different, someone somehow differently pretty, someone differently exciting, may be the better one, the right one for me, not realizing that the other person is always a fiction seen from afar, while the person right next to me is what is real, and there, and for me. And this time, I may finally be settling down inside, and sitting back, and accepting someone wonderful next to me.

So I am not so bad, at the beginning of this year.

(I just have health issues again. During the trip and also after, my gums are bothering me and I have horrible visions of my teeth falling out. And during these days, it’s really hard for me to organise a dentist’s visit. And also my eyes are bothering me. Well, what’s new. At least I don’t have this life-threatening fear that I am sometimes grappling with …)

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