One Week in Spain.

BarcelonaWith colleagues from work, I did a one-week workshop in Barcelona last week. We rented an AirBnB, and worked together on ideas and proposals for our biggest client. N was there with us, she actually ran the workshop for us. And she did a great job.

I think I have now completely resolved my issues I had with her. Kind of amazing, when you think of the terrible pain I was in because of her. But being with Nana really did help put all of that to rest. For me, the workshop was a strange experience – stressful in some way, very relaxed in another, I got along really well with a colleague of mine from Germany, and yet at the same time, I was not at peace somehow. Maybe because I need to reorganize and restructure my life in Italy, or rather between Italy and Germany.

On Thursday, we found that one of the partners who we work with for this client, was – at least in part – ripping off some of our work. Or at least seemed to be doing that. In cases like these, I sometimes tend to overreact. And did again this time. I sent very angry emails to people both on the client and on the other company’s side, and – as always in such cases – I regreted my tone afterwards. Things like that stay with me for days. And bother me. And there is nothing you can do when you are bothering yourself.

This weekend, I am back in Italy. And I am a little overwhelmed with everything I need to do – I will need to do something about this apartment (which is a story all unto its own), and take care of lots of administrative things, and so forth.


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