Blocking Out the Mayhem.

I read on Twitter the other day that climate change researchers have found that the melting of the pole caps is going much faster than most researchers thought before, most likely leading to major coastal cities getting flooded within a time span of 50-70 years. In my home country, right-wing people are losing all their inhibitions and are openly attacking refugees and asylum seekers. The insects are dying. Bees in particular. I heard on an NPR TED Radio Hour Podcast that because of overuse of antibiotics, bacteria are actually getting better and better at protecting themselves against antibiotics, leading to a situation in which medicine will no longer be able to protect us against infection. The global market economy’s unhinged exploitation race is not losing steam, but heating up, and up, and up. Rain Forrest protectors seem to be fighting a losing battle. Last weekend, a friend told me that he expects radical religious groups to gain influence, and to finally destroy mankind still during this century once they get access to nuclear bombs.

On and on and on.

Finally, I am calming down in the face of all of this. What else is there to do? Not one man is to be blamed for this. The planet and mankind did not know what they were getting into. Millions and billions are just trying to make sense of it all in their everyday lives. There is no precedent for effecting systematic change that includes all of humanity. We simply don’t know how to deal with the fact that we’re here and that there’s more and more of us every day, and that we’re inventing these things that make the world seem faster and crazier every day. We just don’t know how.

So I can relax. There is no plan. The only thing I can do: Wrap up what I am doing today by the beginning of next year, and then figure our how I can make a meaningful contribution. I am calmer than I have been in a long time.

I have been buying so many books about animation in the last weeks. I am learning about the Disney style of animation, and about the business of animation. And now I ordered books about how to animate in Flash, and about how to write comedy. I cannot get enough of learning about these things, and I cannot believe that I did not go to these places of learning so much earlier. There is a world of learning out there, and it’s amazing.

In one week, Nana and I will go on holiday, to Greece, for almost three weeks. We’ve had a few tough moments again, but I am in love with her, and she is a great person, and we’re figuring things out.

I finally started doing sports again: riding my bike, and swimming. Last weekend, I did a cycling tour around the city at a fairly fast pace (so that I can consider it sports …), and went swimming on Sunday morning. The past week, I cycled to work a lot, and this morning I went swimming again. I cycled to the public swimming pool, and back, listening to “All Songs Considered” on the way. I love to have the city to myself, and find some calm. And do sports. I am a better person for it.


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