The Changing Landscape.

This past week, I had to learn that my plans for the next years (decades?) may not quite work out. Nana and I had come back from our holidays in Greece (which I have documented elsewhere, so I’m not going to write much about them here), and in a call I caught up with Tone about the state of affairs at the company. And it turned out that we’re fairly far away from the results that we’d need to achieve for our investor, to come to the sale of additional shares that had been planned for the beginning of next year. And that sale was an important part of my financial planning. Additionally, another earn-out from the other company of which I sold shares is also not looking very good. So that set a whole set of thoughts in motion that deal with how my life will go next year, and after that. But at the end, not so much is going to change, really. My plan will still be to leave the company and start my artistic projects. But I may not be able to buy an apartment, or may, at least, not yet be able to buy one right away. And my life may not, economically speaking, be as much on the safe side, in the sense that I could live without necessarily working again. But I don’t want that anyway — who wants that? There are so many things that I want to pursue, and some of them will necessarily lead to some form of pay. And whatever it is that I do, I will at some point also feel the recognition that comes with getting paid for something, by someone. So overall, it may actually be a good thing how it’s playing out now.

Besides, it’s not decided yet that things will not work out. We’ll just have to work really hard, to make it work, and to make it happen. When I realized that, it kind of gave me what may be a last little boost, to really get giggin’ for these final months.

Nana and I are closer now, after the holidays. That’s not meant to suggest that everything was super perfect — we had our differences, and we still do. But we still got closer, we dealt with some things, and I am happy that she is in my life.

And I think yesterday, I decided that I will buy a Tesla. I went to the store in town, and looked at an offer they have. This was once already a big subject in my life, when I was trying so hard to manage to get a Roadster. Back then, the car was too unsensible, too expensive, and just to plain out wacky. This time around, the Model S seems much more reasonable, they put their infrastructure in place to charge it all over the place, I have more money, and I think it makes a lot more sense now. So I may go for it. A friend let my drive his last weekend, at the end of the holidays, I spent three days with my parents, and on one of them, we drove over to this guy’s company (I’d met him many years ago at a conference), and he showed us the offices, and we had a long chat, and then we went out to see the car, and he told us everything about it, and both my father and I drove it a little bit. And that definitely helped sell me on it, and make it real.


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