I’m back. Sitting at my friend Kal’s dining room table. And it’s an incredibly relaxing weekend. I came because I was invited at a birthday party last night, which was fun, but mainly I was hanging out with Kal, and then later yesterday I went to see Drew, and we talked about all his stuff, and all my stuff. And the betrayal and the anger are far away this weekend. I really need to move back here. This is my town.

Last week was intense. On Wednesday, a colleague of mine and I went to a massive meeting, a kind of little conference, outside Geneva, with a room full of purchasing people from our most important client. I did my part, and contributed, and gave a little short introductory speech in front of everyone, and we got really nice feedback afterwards, and I realized what I have really contributed to our company, and what I should remember as my important memory — despite the disappointment I am feeling about some things now.

Last weekend, Nana and I went to a family thing in the north. My parents were there, and some other relatives, and Nana was a little anxious at first, but then she had a really good time, and everybody really liked her, and it was really nice. She is wonderful, my little Nana is.

It’s three months of intense work now, and then Jan and Feb to kind of drift out of things. I will leave this job, and it will be good. And I will come to Berlin, where I will live. It’s good to be here. This is where I belong.

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