It’s crazy: I have an electric car now.

It feels very “21st century”, driving it. I’ve had a few experiences with electric cars, but the one I ended up buying — the Tesla Model S — is a bit of a class of its own. And it’s very exciting to be using it now. Actually, the usage itself is less spectacular, the crazy thing is more how unremarkably accomplished the ride and the overall experience feel. I’ve had the dream to switch to electric for 5 or 6 years now. To have finally gotten there is truly exciting. I cannot wait for the first long distance tests that I’ll do, using the Tesla supercharger network.

I picked it up last night, right after coming back here on a flight, and I have already put the first 150 km on the clock …

Work feels better again. The salary issue we have/had with the colleagues has been discussed, there has been some progress made in terms of making sure that all sides are aware of what happened, and what went wrong, and why we feel something isn’t right. I am beginning to see ways for me to deal with the situation and going my way not feeling cheated. And overall, there is more confidence in the business, everyone is pulling hard to make stuff happen by the end of the year, which is really key for our year end evaluation and earn-out. And also, my teams are doing well, I am proud of what my colleagues are achieving.

I spend the entire last week at our Italian office, using for the first time the new company apartment that we have. It was nice to go there and have a space that is not a hotel. It’s still a little rough in parts, but we’ll make it more inviting in the coming weeks.

Last weekend, I went to the annual assembly of this political association that I helped found about four or five years ago. I want to be more active again there, after having been away and traveling so much and for so long, and this assembly and workshop weekend seemed to be the right thing to restart my involvement with the association. It was really nice, I quite enjoyed being there. Additionally, I met this woman again whom I was interested in a while ago. We kept missing each other in the past, for a while I tried to get a date with her, but she was taken, and then her relationship broke, and she seemed to be curious about me, but then I had just met Nana, and I also didn’t think she was as interesting as I had thought. Now she seemed to have lost weight (?), and it was just really nice to see her. It also forced me to think about my relationship with Nana, and about how I will in the future deal with meeting interesting women. Which is an important question generally, when it comes to dealing with a long-term relationship.

I realized again that Nana is a really tender soul, and she is someone I cannot and will not hurt. Instead, I want to be there for her. And see her happy. So I need to find a satisfying way of dealing with other attractive women, and I will, and I guess it’s a way of growing up in and with a relationship. I may be late at growing up, at 43, but that’s just how my life has been.

Now back into that huge ship of a car, and home to Nana. We had been fighting earlier, after having been away for a week, being together again was a little hard. But we made up before I drive to the office, to take care of a few things, and we both really want to have a fun evening together.


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