Setting the Sails for 2016.

It’s been almost two months that I have not written. I have been pretty sad recently, because of the political situation — not only in Germany, with the refugees, but all over Europe really. In Poland, they have a horrible government now, in the UK fear-mongerer Cameron keeps calling the shots, and the country is drifting towards leaving the EU. Hungary is off the rails anways, in France LePen seems to be winning more and more influence, Greece is in a horrible state. How can we save Europe? We need Europe for peace and prosperity — but a Europe about the people, not a Europe about the money. How can it be done?

A lot has happened in the past two months. Nana and I went to Athens at the end of November, we went to see a friend of hers perform in a dance/theatre performance. It was a strange weekend. I felt distant from her, while at the same time I felt attracted to her friend. Athens was a nice discovery, though. People are saying that it’s a lot like Berlin, and I could see that.

If in Athens I felt most apart from Nana, the Christmas break really changed that. We went to spend Christmas with my parents, and (aside from a couple of little fights that I had with my father — which are bound to happen, we’re both a little headstrong and hot-tempered …) things went really well. Nana was incredibly sweet with them. I have been feeling really close with her in the past days. And I think that’s normal in a relationship — that it goes in waves. Sometimes up and sometimes down, and we must not let ourselves get confused by that. Sex is still an issue, we have too little of it, for my taste. But I think that may change again, too.

We celebrated New Year’s with her family, they were all here together. We also did a one-day Spa excursion with everyone, that was our Christmas gift to the family. The Tesla took us there (in Tyrol) and back without the slightest problem.

Another important thing happened: over the Christmas break, I finally found out what my plan will be for the coming months — I decided what the project will be for this new period in my life. It will be something at the intersection of political speech, theater, performance, and advertising (farce). I have started talking to the first people about how to make that happen, and I am truly excited. Until I came up with this plan, I was thinking that I would start with baby steps into the direction that I want to go in, tinkering with various different ideas and plans. But now that it’s taken shape, all of a sudden, I am really excited. And this makes it easier still for me to let go of the job I currently still have.

Also, we sold yet more shares of our company. That was a big issue in the last two months, our performance overall was far far away from what it should have been this year. So whether or not our new shareholder was going to buy some more shares from us, and keep supporting our business, was quite in doubt. In the end, we did sell another 25% of the company, at a much lower price than we had hoped. But now I know what I can calculate with, and I am very happy to plan my next steps, and how to organize my new life this year. I am now also fairly convinced that I will finally buy an apartment this year. And I hope to have a good life there together with Nana.

One of the things Nana gave me for Christmas was a day for the two of us — we would first go see the new Star Wars movie, and then have a really nice very fancy dinner in a special vegetarian restaurant. It really was a nice day. I was very disappointed by “The Force Awakens” — it was the most unimmaginative screenplay I’d ever seen, everything lifted out of the old trilogy. But I am very glad we went. And the dinner was quite wonderful.

The car is sometimes still a bit of a “problem” — I am simply not used to having such a fancy car. And even though I try to be really careful, I too often still make stupid mistakes, and put scratches in it. The other day I had to have the rear window replaced because back at my parents’, I scratched it in a parking garage, at a long hanging pipe that I did not see. Just as a got it back, I touched another car while parking. Not sure why these things happen. I think I’m still a little freaked out by it. But I really do love the car. It’s given me back the fun of driving.



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