What’s the percentage of violent assholes who were born in this country?

How do you stop worrying about the world? I cannot shake the anger and sadness. What’s close feels closest, so I feel closest to the conflict between refugees and right wing assholes in this country — Germany. I believe that it is our moral duty to be there for those whose fates are less fortunate than ours. We must lend a hand to people whose lives and countries are falling apart. But at the same time, people in this country are so narrow and evil.

A million refugees have come here so far, give or take. They represent around 1% of the population. They are badly needed because Germans don’t have enough children, and our social systems need new people to come in. They can bring new ideas and fresh cultural influences. Of course, they bring challenges as well — they are used to different things, to different ways of being, and to different ways of interacting with each other. But I am 100% convinced that the net effect they’ll have on this country as a whole is overwhelmingly positive.

The problem are the 0,1% of these 1%. Because by simple statistic necessity, there must be some assholes among them. There will be people who cannot behave. People who have no place here. Maybe even people with terrorist impulses. But they are a tiny fraction. I am convinced that the assholes cannot be representative for every refugee coming. But the moment this tiny fraction acts up is the moment they destroy it for everyone else. For everyone who already lives in Germany, and for the vast majority of decent people who are coming and who just want peace. Because many people in Germany, just like in most other countries, are afraid of whatever is foreign. We might be able to keep this irrational fear in check as long as things go well. But the moment something goes wrong is the moment it all might explode.

And something did go wrong.

On New Year’s night in Cologne when a group of violent asshole males outside the train station started to attack and abuse women. Now they say it was around 40 men. And of these, maybe only half were actually immigrants. Let’s say 30 were. 30 of one million, that’s 0.003%. Yet all the media and the whole country are talking about these 0.003%. The news is traveling around the world. I am getting emails from America about this.

And it all makes me desperate and sad. Why do people obsess about these 0.003%? Why do they get so scared and upset by them? And, more importantly, what’s the percentage of violent assholes who were born in this country? I truly wish it was only a meager 0.003%.

And what can I do? Other than sit here and be sad? Tweet against it? Blog away against it? Start and underground militia that knocks out the right wing polemics and hellraisers and the violent immigrant assholes?


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