Slowly Going Back to Normal.

I feel like the days of psychological upheaval are coming to a close. It’s not that the world is in better shape, or that somehow the problems are being solved. But I think I have made progress, sorting my things out, and getting my life onto the street that I want it to be traveling on.

I’m back at the company’s headquarters. I’m working here for the full month of July, helping others take over my role, easing the process. Nana is here, too. Yesterday, she celebrated her farewell. Now she has one more day at the office on Monday, and then she’s going on holiday.

Our relationship is still a little strange. She says she is dating someone now (she’ll be traveling with him, too), and she wants to be friends, but her affection for me is incredibly powerful. She’s a bit too intense for me sometimes. I don’t quite know how to manage it. But she is also incredibly sweet.

I’m doing ok with the job. It’s good to be here, and to do some of the old work stuff. And at the same time, I also keep working on my little animation film. Also, a big change at the company will happen. It’s been a long time coming, it has to do with making changes in the leadership. Nobody but a handful of people know about it, and it will be a big change, but it’s one that’s badly needed. Another week or two. So I’ll be here when it happens (maybe just traveling for the work).

The last week I spent in Berlin, sorted out my things, and have a home now. It’s a temporary home, in Drew’s family’s house, but a place where I can be fine for a while.

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