Much Better Now.

Things are finally getting better. I’ve been living full time in Berlin now for over a week. And the pace is slowing down, I feel like I am slowly arriving. My little temporary home is working fairly well for me, and I so cherish the fact that I can meet all my friends so easily now. I have a pretty full social circle in Berlin, and I appreciate that much more now, after having been away for over three years, and having been fairly lonely particularly in Milan.

Since I’m no longer properly employed, I enjoy a surprising amount of freedom. Which is a massive luxury, of course. But it also creates a sense of uncertainty, because the projects I am currently working on are nowhere near anything that could one day make me money (other than the freelance work I am still doing for our old company every now and again). But they are really interesting: the principal thing is the animated cartoon that I started working on in Barcelona. It’s moving closer and closer to completion, yesterday I met with Drew, to discuss sound for it. I thought the animation and film part was done, but then it turned into a discussion of the current status of the film, and he had some very good ideas for improving it, so I went back to the drawing board (literally!), and I am definitely further improving the film, his feedback was really helpful. I am also meeting with a couple of people who are thinking about building a start-up, and I can maybe help and advise them. I am also having a start-up idea myself, which I am also discussing with people. The only way I am currently making money is by doing some freelance consulting work for our company, which is fine for now, I guess.

What’s really nice, too: now that the job stress is gone, I am much better at taking care of daily things, the regular life stuff – I eat way more at home now than I used to, which also saves money, of course, loads of it. I have managed to go running fairly regularly since I got to Berlin, I take care of administrative things more easily. It’s really a pleasure to have a calmer more organized life now. I am extremely grateful for that.

What else is going on? I am trying online dating, I had my first Tinder date a couple weeks ago. Nothing came of it, but that’s fine. I’m trying OKCupid now, too. Last Saturday, I participated in one of these global WaitButHi sessions, which was interesting, I met a New Zealand artist, musician, filmmaker guy, and had an overall enjoyable evening. Right now, I’m on a train ride to Frankfurt, for a couple days of freelance work for our company. It’s actually kind of nice to be on the train again for a bit.

A couple weeks ago, we celebrated my mother’s 80th birthday. It was a very nice event, my parents had invited all their dear friends, there was about 20 of us, we did a brunch, and then an excursion to several places that my parents like to go to, also including the little country house. And we had dinner at their favourite restaurant. I gave a little speech there, talking about how impressed I am with the way my parents don’t pay attention to social conventions, and do things their way, and that they do the same also in the way they behave at 80, essentially still being like children, and that I hope to be that way when I get older, too. My parents aren’t always easy to be around, but I still find them awesome. I spent five days with them all together, including my own birthday.

A cousin of mine in Berlin got married, too. So there was a family thing where I met some new people as well. And before that was the month of July which I spent freelancing for the company, and traveling to Frankfurt, and Geneva, and Budapest, etc. I was at the office in Munich a lot. From there I also went to visit a cousin of mine who was on holiday in Austria with his family, I went to see them for a weekend. I want to spend more time with family now, also as I don’t have my own family, it’s good to be connected with children from other parts of the family. And also with my friends’ children — the other night I met up with Cay and his family, a little outside Berlin. I had not seen the children in quite a while, and I’d never had much of a relationship with them, but this time it was really nice. We connected, and I really liked them. It was a very pleasant surprise. And I was a little sad for a couple days afterwards, that I don’t have a family of my own.

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