Improv Theatre & Unrequited Love.

Overall, life is remarkably good. I am developing my new little business, slowly but surely. I am seeing a lot of friends, discovering old ones, finding new ones. I am healthy (despite some minor troubles, which doctors tell me are nothing to worry about, though), and I go running twice a week. I am planning a very interesting event for the fall, with a friend. I’ve had a bit of a slump with my drawing projects, but I’m getting out of it again. I rediscovered my electric guitar. My parents are well. They are ageing, but they are well.

And nowadays, I have a new project on Monday nights. I’ve joined an English language Improv Theatre class. It goes on for 8 weeks, and we’ve done three nights so far. It’s a really interesting way to creatively have fun with a bunch of people you’ve never met before. Last time, we went for drinks with a few of them, for the first time since we started. I think I’m by far the oldest in the group, but I may still find some friends among them. It’s nice!

The only thing not so nice: about a couple of weeks ago, I fell into a minor bout of depression. I met this French woman through a dating site, and she’s amazing. Creative, an artist, extremely articulate, beautiful, interested, interesting, really cool. We spent five hours together. But since then it seems impossible to meet up again, she answers emails with days of delay, she’s extremely busy (apparently), and my lacking self-confidence in all things dating somehow came back out (I thought at some point in the past that I’d overcome that, but there it was, lurking in the dark shadows again), and I get so disappointed. I think I want to too much, too fast, I am not patient, and I am not strong enough to simply say “if she doesn’t want to continue this conversation and discovery, her loss!” Well. I need to get my act together, and realize how amazing my life is, and live it to its fullest, and not worry about a single person who may or may not deserve to spend more time with me.

Yesterday, I drove over to my cousin’s, at the other end of the country, because Steve’s latest theatre project is being put on stage here now. It’s a really important project for him, he has been pouring all his energy into it for weeks and months, and last night was the dress rehearsal, and my cousin, his wife and I had the chance to see it. It pretty much blew us away, it’s super intense, and I am convinced that this will be a success story for the whole team. On Saturday (day after tomorrow) is the premiere, I’ll have the chance to see that, too.


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