The Nightmare.

It came true.

America did it.

This past week, I have been losing sleep over this.

I am scared.

What is going on?

I hope people all around the world will finally realize and wake up to the fact that we need to FIGHT for our democracies. We must stop taking them for granted.

Many more personal things happened this past week, too. Nana came to town. Thanks to her, I found a new home where I’ll live from the end of the year onwards, in a shared flat with two women. I am looking forward to this, I am sure it will be interesting. And I like that I will no longer be alone all the time.

Also, the story with the French woman ended. We had a coffee where I asked some questions, and it became quite clear that she’s just not that interested. And that was a good thing. First I felt sad, but then relieved afterwards.

My friend Steve recommended that I travel a bit, to get away from the sadness and the Berlin winter. And so I spontaneously booked a flight to Sicily, to go see K there as well. She has often invited me to stay at her place, now I took her up on it. I’ll bring my drawing computer, and I’ll stay for a week.

This past week, I was almost going to buy my dream flat, in a fairly complicated transaction that would take way too much time to explain here, but then that deal fell through, the background of which would also take too much time to explain.

And that was one reason that prompted me to find a new home, spontaneously.

I published my first animated cartoon a little over a week ago. So far, it has received 1,500 views. Not so bad. But, I’ll be honest, I am also a little disappointed. I was hoping for more.

I am healthy again, I think. The bad taste in my mouth that had been plagueing my for quite some time went away as quickly as it had come. That’s good news.

I am trying to help some refugee support initiatives, but I cannot quite get the momentum going. But I’ll keep at it.

And what does all of this matter if Trump starts practicing isolationism, Putin starts invading in Baltic countries, Le Pen wins the election in France, and we end up with war in Europe?

Like I said: I am scared.


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