A New Project.

I have a trajectory now. A plan. A purpose. A direction.

And that is such a good thing.

The Trump election really messed with me. Like it did with many people. And it did one thing in particular: it yanked me out of this idea that it will be fine if I just do my art stuff and try to be an artist kind of person, who makes his political statements in a more abstract kind of way.

First of all, that was not something that felt quite right to me anyways. And second, I knew that I had to be more political. And I didn’t feel comfortable not being as actively involved as I should be.

But that’s over now. The fight for our democracies has begun. And it’s not just right-wing populists who threaten to break them apart. It’s definitely the economic system that has spun out of control. The social divide seems to be the real issue.

I used to be completely ignorant about it. And I am going to change that. I have free time, boundless amounts. And I will use this free time to read, learn, understand. I will record my own mental development publically, on the web, and I will develop it further by building a public approach to presenting it, and going on a road-show next summer, in time for our national elections. I want to bring an educated discourse that people will actually enjoy and want to engage in to the streets, literally.

It’s tough. I used to shy away from all the hard political issues, the things I felt powerless about. Now I will need to attack them fully, frontally. I am still a little afraid. But I will do it.

Today I bought three new books. I am currently reading one, a second is already in the pipeline. Tomorrow I will start my new blog.

Other than that? I am sometimes very lonely. Online dating sucks massively. Women don’t answer, or they cancel dates at the last minute. I decided to just stop the bullshit. That’s just not for me. Fuckit.

But I am well, health-wise. That’s good news. I’ve been unwell for years, basically. So that is a good change.

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I am trying to remember my life. By posting about it. Starting January first 2011.
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