There is movement. Yesterday, hundreds of thousands flooded US streets to demonstrate against Donald Trump (inaugurated the day before, giving a chilling speech that must have felt like a look into the abyss of a broken soul), and they were predominantly women, they were led by women. I went to a meeting on Friday, with people in Berlin who are planning to launch a new party that will bring solidarity and justice back into politics. I am meeting with lots of people these days. I am making new friends, I am talking to so many people about politics. So many are feeling the need to get engaged, to get involved. And I feel like I’m in the middle of it, because I literally have nothing else to do! There are times when I feel down and daunted, by the sheer monstrosity of what the backward looking fear-mongers and racist cowards are doing, saying, getting away with. But then again, there is hope. I think there is a lot of hope. We have let democracy slide for way too long. And now we’re realizing that it needs our help, our love, our contribution, our fight, our struggle.

Also, I moved. I’ve been living in my new home in a shared flat for two weeks now — my room is set up (courtesy of Ikea), I like my new home, and my flatmates are kind, and fun, and easy to get along with. This is really a good thing. Also, my Improv theatre group is meeting regularly again, and I am beginning to really enjoy that. Also, there’s a Scottish guy in the group, Brandon, he is a student, but he is very much focussing on developing a stand-up act, and we bond over that, and the other day I came to a bar where he was performing at an open mic. So that’s an interesting and fun new friendship. And finally, it seems like the project “buying a flat” has also come to a conclusion, I will most likely buy (98%) a part of a roof that’s being turned into flats, “my” place would be done by the end of the year (giving me still plenty of time to enjoy the flatshare until then). My father and a friend of his (who is a construction expert) came over here, to have a joint look at it, and they also thought it looked like a good deal. So that would be one major load off as well.

Over New Year’s, I went on a family vacation (rather extended family) to the Alps. A whole bunch of my relatives from the Western end of the country always go to this one house in the Italian Alps, jointly with a bunch of other friends who’ve been all going there for years now. I’d joined them once, many years ago, and this time I decided to join them again, because I want to strengthen my relationship with the family, and feel closer to people. And it was very good to spend the time with everyone. Unfortunately, the whole group got hijacked by a pretty vicious gastro-intestinal virus, and so many were ill for several days — myself included, I was out on New Year’s Eve and slowly recovering on New Year’s Day. And the few times I went skiing, I had issues with my feet again, I think I’d need special customized boots if I want to keep going skiing. But nonetheless, it was a good trip.

It’s Sunday, I will go running now, then I’ll do some more of my political reading. And then I have a date! (Well, I think it’s a date.) I met her at one of these political meetings in the past weeks, and today we’ll go for coffee, and maybe dinner, and I’m excited.

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