The Date.

I hinted at this towards the end of my last post. We’ve had three dates so far. And each one was absolutely remarkable — in the way we were sharing, and talking, and scheming, and having political ideas, and even starting to experiment with a political project, and basically getting along with each other in absolutely remarkable ways. But at the same time, the whole thing feels a little soulless, or distant, she keeps her distance in ways that I don’t understand. And I am really clueless as to what to do next.

Other than that, Trump is now President. And how. I keep reading about Bannon and how they may ultimately want to basically overthrow the system, and have wars, and go all out. It’s scary as hell. And at the same time, Martin Schulz is the new candidate of the left in Germany. And there is hope.

And I am still talking to countless people, and having ideas, and working on my political projects, and meeting with my Improv friends, and living in my new shared flat, and on Tuesday I’ll do my first five minutes on an open-mic comedy stage.


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