Odds and Ends.

On Friday night, I flirted with a young Italian woman. I hope I can see her again. She’s not the “amazing woman” that I immediately think I will marry, and who then ends up not wanting me. She’s a young woman who’s smart and fun and cute. And I am beginning to think that’s all it should take!

I have been feeling strange lately. My political project is kind of up in the air, or still becoming, rather than being, and I don’t deal well with that kind of lack of clarity. At the same time, politically, so much is happening. The fact that Wilders didn’t get elected in the Netherlands is giving me some hope. Emmanuel Macron is giving me more hope. Martin Schulz is giving me a lot of hope. On the other hand, a conference project that I’d really been working towards fell through, they did not accept my proposal.

I am still in the process of finding out what I am. People are telling me that my writing is important (not here, on my other political blog), and that I should keep doing that. Maybe I should try and be a full time professional blogger? I have also started going to the “Pulse of Europe” demonstrations, and I think they’re awesome!

Coupled with that, I’ve been traveling too much lately, and that’s been stressing me out somewhat. I’ve been traveling for various reasons, I went to Hamburg to go to a concert with Nana, the concert was a bit of a failure, but seeing her was fun. I traveled to the West of the country, to get some more dental treatment at my cousin’s, and collect more old family photos (I’m doing that for my father’s birthday, he will turn 80 in a few days). And I helped my father last week with a big leaf collection project, in order to protect two chestnut trees at our country house against bugs.

The rest of the month will still be somewhat busy, but for April I am determined to stop the traveling and really stay home and focus on my writing and studying. And to return to a regular exercise regimen. It will become easier because I’m giving up my office space at Drew’s, and will relocate my office back to the apartment where I’m now staying. That will make it much easier for me to find the time to go running, and to cook for myself. So more experimenting with my life.

I am having weird dreams lately. Last night I dreamt that I was working at Tesla, which was strange and nice, and in my dream I even had a conversation with a very relaxed Elon Musk. What the hell does that mean? A few weeks ago, I had a dream in which I could fly, and it felt so familiar that it seems like I may have had very similar dreams before. And I was a bit puzzled for a couple hours after waking up, as to whether there might be some truth to my flying ability, it felt so very real and comfortable. There is also more flirting going on in my dreams. I wake up happier now than I used to for quite some time. Also, Donald Trump is much more absent from my thoughts. Which is probably a good thing.

Now I need to work some more on the photos for my father. That project is stressing me a little.

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