It’s my birthday today. I am turning 45.

I was a bit depressed last night. I had fallen in love with Lynn on that weekend, and so I had written her afterwards that I would like to see her again. She had finally, after a month, written me yesterday that we should be friends. So a day before my 45th birthday, a woman tells me that we should be friends. I don’t know why – because we live too far apart? Or because she doesn’t like me enough? Reason one was never a good enough reason for me not to pursue a romantic interest. I made a relationship between Berlin and New York City work, once. Reason two would be really annoying.

Anyway. 45. Usually, on my birthday I take the day off and only do things for me. I go take a long walk, go to my favourite books & music & movie store, and just try to be by myself. I won’t be able to do that today because I’m going on a trip to this one-week conference, about alternative approaches to economic studies. So I’ll be driving, with three strangers who I’ve agreed to take along in my car. Let’s see how that goes.

These past weeks were intense. After the weekend with Lynn, I went on an 8-day trip to the south of France with my parents. In my car. The plan was to allow my mother to visit an old friend of hers. The trip was incredible intense, for a number of reasons, and it ended with a big fight between my father and me on the way back. But it was still good that we took it. And I discovered that my French was still working very well, I even played Pétanque.

A couple days after the trip, we went right into the most intense shooting day that we’ve had for our short film, beginning at 5am, and working without much interruption until 11pm at night. It was very tiring but also very successful, and I am very proud of our team.

And since then, my focus has mainly been on planning and working on our event, our politics show. And waiting for that letter from Lynn. Which finally arrived. Oh well.

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