Revelation & Revolution.

That one-week conference I wrote about turned out to be a revelation. It was the most remarkable collection of intelligent, engaged, involved, passionate, open, curious people I have ever been part of. It’s changed the way I see the world, and it’s given me hope. Hope that the kind of revolution in thinking and in doing that our world needs may actually become possible one day. I am incredibly grateful that I got to go there, and meet these people, and be part of these circles, and make some friends there, and learn so much.

I have been looking for direction and for answers for over a year and a half now. This conference provided me with that direction, and with some of the answers. Just as I am writing this, I am realizing that my sweat problem, which I’d been bothered by for so many months in varying ways now, is gone. Maybe that’s an outcome of that conference, too?

I spent today and yesterday at the little country house again. I made some nice progress with my work for our show event that I am organising with Maik. That project is now becoming my main focus, and as the deadline moves closer, it’s both daunting and encouraging. It feels very nice to have a job again, a task, something to do and develop. With Maik it’s not always easy, we’re too similar in some ways, we tread on each other’s ground, but overall it’s a good relationship and there is a lot of trust and energy.

Friday, something interestingly strange happened, connected with that show project. Maik and I had interviewed a whole bunch of people on Wednesday, and there had also been two women from a refugee support organization, they save people from the mediterranean sea. And I thought that one of the two was really interesting. Then, on Friday, I am meeting this woman from Hamburg for lunch, we’re friendly, I’d met her through Maik, too, and as we’re talking, it turns out that she knows the one from the refugee organisation – but not only that, they’re also planning to go on holidays together to Italy. I mention that I wanted to go on holidays, too, that same week (right after our event), to the little house here. And she says: why don’t you come with us to Italy?!

Huh. Let’s see how that may turn out.

Here at the house, I had a chat with one of the neighbours yesterday, he’s the one who basically controls access to our property because we have to pass over his to get to ours. There is a history behind this (essentially my father got duped way back when he bought this piece of land), and so there’s this unresolved issue with access to our place. It seems like it’s coming to a head now, because the neighbour wants to build, and get us off his drive way, and so wants to help us find another solution. He told me in fairly clear terms that he found it hard sometimes to deal with my father, and that I was nicer to speak with, and that he (and others) might prefer to deal with me rather than with him. I’m happy to step in, and I think my father won’t mind if I do – still, it remains complicated, and in the coming weeks and months I’ll have to see how to deal with this.

What’s really nice: the “cinema” in the basement is now set up, last night I watched “Rogue One” there, and I’m really happy that I can now watch movies here on a really big screen. (There is no Internet, so they need to be on physical discs, but that’s on purpose because this place gets it peace from the fact that I am not as distracted by the Internet. I am typing this online, but I have to establish a connection with my phone, which I am only doing for specific purposes, and this weekend I completely avoided reading or write email.)

I’m going back home tonight, also to meet up with Ian and return to work on our little film, but as always I don’t want to go, and I’ve already planned to come back here Thursday and Friday this coming week.

Also, I am trying a new habit: for 21 days now, I want to go running every day. I’ll go in about half an hour again, before driving back, and this would then be the fourth day in a row.

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