Trucking Along.

Throughout the month of October, I was mostly busy editing the film of the show that we had done at the end of September. We filmed it with three cameras, and I took it upon myself to cut that into something watchable. And right when I was done with that, I took all the material and made a little one-and-a-half minute trailer about the show, too, so we can get people a taste of what it all looked like, and what we talk about, without giving too much away. It was a lot of work, but the end result was really not bad at all, and I got some praise from people who are experts and professionals, so that felt good. I’m entirely self-taught when it comes to editing, so it was nice to see that I’d made some progress there.

We really needed that trailer, to now work on building on the premiere of the show – which we’re doing in two ways: One, we’re trying to find new locations that will have us, to perform there. And two, we’re now starting to look for financing. I realized that we’ll go nowhere with this unless we manage to secure some funding from large institutions that are aligned with our cause.

My dating hasn’t really produced any results, there are dates or encounters every now and again, but somehow they never seem to go anywhere. But I think it’s just a matter of time. What’s important now, and I’ve only remembered this recently, that I find a fulfilling plan for my life again, which does not rely on any woman in it, to make it worth the while, but rather have a full life with lots of challenges and fun and good stuff happening just because I am embracing life and doing things, and working on stuff. So that I can be more detached and not get so hung up about whomever I meet, or I may have a date with. I am too often simply not relaxed enough when it comes to this, and that’s something I need to learn. And I think I can, and I think I am.

One encounter was kind of funny – I had an OKCupid date one afternoon, which was so so, but then during the date a conversation with the waitress began, and I kind of lingered afterwards, and chatted with her, and got her phone number, and since then I’ve been coming to the cafe for a couple of times, but nothing else really happened so far.

Yesterday and today, I’m at my parents’, just to visit. They’re doing better, my mother was very much struggling with depression for the last months, but it seems like things may be getting better.

And I am now laying out the plan for next year: I’ll focus on two main projects – building the show concept together with Maik, and building my company by joining forces with Ian. I think that’s a good set-up, and I’ll calmly see at the end of 2018 if that is working out or not. And then also, my own apartment is now apparently becoming a reality – it’s moving ever nearer its completion, and the date with the notary will probably be fixed soon. If all things go according to plan, I will be able to move in in February / early March. And so now I have started dealing with the whole furniture situation as well – Kal is being incredibly helpful with this, he is helping me get inspiration and a feel for what kind of furniture to get. He is into that kind of thing, and he’s an incredibly good friend when it comes to getting motivated for that, and figuring out what to buy. I want to avoid the whole “Ikea standard move”, and get my furniture elsewhere instead, and yesterday him and I spent a few hours looking at stuff. It’ll be a lot of work, and it’s a bit daunting, but it will be really nice once it’s done!

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