Travelling Near and Far.

I think I may be in love with someone a clean 10,000 km away … The week before last, Ian and I accompanied one of the protagonists of our documentary film to Central America, for a fashion conference. It was an incredible journey, and an incredible experience. For one, because it really helped us move our film project forward. We got great footage and interviews. Second, the people we met were quite amazing, and inspiring. And then also because I saw someone again whom I’d met four years ago, at SXSW in Austin. Lane and I, we had lunch and it was remarkable and sweet and made me happy and since then we’ve been writing Whatsapp messages, and it’s messing with me, and I don’t know what it means, and what to do.

Before we took off on that trip, I spent another weekend in Rome, to catch up with our protagonist there. It was good to catch up with him, after all the crazy stuff going on, surrounding the forming of the new Italian government. And I also managed to squeeze in a meeting with this women I’d met there, at the parliamentary building. I got her email address, and I managed to get her to meet me for a couple of hours before I had to take the plane back. It was really nice, and she seemed interested to come visit me in Berlin. But since then, communication has died down somewhat. And anyway, now I am thinking a lot more about Lane …

The show with Brandon and Mercer turned out surprisingly well … only for it to end afterwards in a superweird argument between Brandon and me, in which he talked to and abused me in ways that no one has ever talked to me before … since then, our relationship and friendship has pretty much collapsed.

Nana and her sister and girlfriend celebrated the sister’s birthday at my place in early May. It was very nice to have them here, at my new place, populating it a bit. Nana lost her job, I am hoping I can help her find a new job.

I threw Tinder off my phone … it just doesn’t do anything for me … A date every four months, thanks to it, and invariably dates that lead nowhere …

In the second half of May, we went on another trip to Scotland, also for our film. This time we had the chance to film at this working session of the people who are trying to put together this government initiative, and that was an awesome experience. We got really great material from that.

Politics … they’re not looking good these days. Trump is being Trump, of course. But in this country of mine, I am really upset with the idiotic way things are going. This country is fucking things up big time, and nobody seems to notice or care. It’s horrible.

But I am not fucked up anymore. I now have purpose and direction. And that incredibly helps me.


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