How One Person Makes Everything Different.

I talked about this in my last post, from August — almost two months ago: Dating felt different, somehow, and new. And only a few weeks later, I met someone absolutely amazing — through that website. F is incredible, and she seems to think similarly about me, too. I would say that we have been a couple for about a week now. And it is wonderful to feel and taste the difference (to being alone). She is smart and funny and very pretty, and she is understanding and kind and gentle and very honest. I feel entirely comfortable with her and yet it is so very new to be with someone again. I don’t know if I’ve ever had a relationship feel as good and right as this is feeling right now. There have been “good and right” moments in other relationships, but none has ever felt as balanced and solid.

So this is changing my outlook on life. Or rather, the feeling of what it is to be like inside this life.

On September 1st, Maik and I performed a new version of our climate change show again. We had reworked the project over the summer, made it shorter and snappier, and had a chance to play it at a journalism festival. There was a very small crowd left at our stage when we were on, and that was a little disappointing, but it was good to play the new version, and to get feedback about it afterwards. Tone came, too, and again it was good to hear him tell us how he felt about it.

Lynn and I also worked hard on another submission to apply for funding for our film project. We had submitted to this fund once before, and this time around we changed a whole lot of things, and I completely reworked the treatment, and we feel positive about this version of it. And yet — there is no saying if they will fund it. It is not easy on the courage to not get any money for our project, and keep going. Ultimately, I will need to self-finance the whole thing. But I must make this film.

That actually touches on another issue. I am currently waiting for money. One of the deals that helped me leave my profession still had an earn-out that would allow me to get another substantial sum this year. This would really go a long way towards financing the film, and helping me stay afloat with money well into 2019. But the buyer — who owes us — isn’t reacting, and so I kind of pushed the guys closer to the whole thing, to put some more pressure on them. I really hope that the money will come soon, otherwise I’ll need to make new arrangements. Which I kind of want to avoid.

Ian and I also went on another shoot in Switzerland and Italy. That one was a brutal journey, just incredibly tiring, because we stayed in so many places, and did so much stuff, while I am unsure about the direction the film is currently taking. So it was hard physically and emotionally. We filmed in Geneva, Milan (with N’s new venture whom we portrayed in the context of the film), Rome, Pisa and Lucca. And then returned home. And the Thursday after that trip, I met F.

And then last weekend, we did the next (reworked) version of our show, in the west of the country, organised by a cousin of mine. That one gave us enormous amounts of food for thought, regarding the reworking of the whole thing, once again. We need to push it more towards a drama piece, in order to find a more compelling way of telling our story so that people can relate. I’m off to Maik’s in a moment, to discuss it with him.

Also, we are working with a bunch of people on forming an association against climate change, as a kind of add-on to our show … or rather the natural and more powerful extension of it.

While we were meeting about that, two of my friends yesterday spoke again about how the real climate catastrophe might already be upon us within a couple of decades. And they spoke about how here in the city we may actually begin to have water problems next year because of the hot summer this year. When I hear these things and they carry on in my thoughts, I find it hard to not be depressed. Particularly if you add to it the fact that this horrible man was just nominated new supreme court lawyer in the US.

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