Routine in the Apocalypse.

In early May, we performed our climate change show at a big conference — we had the biggest audience so far, and we feel like we also made the best version of the show so far. Now it’s four of us on stage, we worked really hard on preparing it, writing it, rewriting it, and particularly getting it cut down to one hour, because that was all the time we had at the conference. I’m happy to say that the result was very positive, we got great feedback from the audience, both on Twitter and in conversations, and there seems to be momentum now behind the project that may lead us to more gigs and, hopefully, also to some money, at some point …

A few weeks ago, Ian and I had a bit of an issue to work out, he was unhappy with his pay (which I can understand), but he framed it in terms that seemed really unfair (which I could not accept), and so that was a bit of a thing hanging between us, but we sorted it out in a conversation after he came back from a trip to see his parents. I’ve got the feeling that his new girl-friend may play a role in that issue as well, she’s quite pushy, I think, and she may have egged him on a bit. Well, I think we’ve sorted it for now.

The thing is that I need to find ways to get us capital for the projects we’re doing, that’s the key challenge for this year, other than getting the film done. The good news is that through a contact I got introduced to a very renowned film maker who seems to have a lot of projects going on. I had the chance to talk to him about both the climate change show and the documentary, and he seemed really into both. More specifically, he feels the need to work on more meaningful projects, because he seems to be more heavily focused on comedic work, and he wants to do more stuff that is about important issues. So for early June we now have scheduled a meeting with him and a colleague of his, and we’ll look at our project more closely, and Ian and I need to prepare a short film that presents what we have.

Gladly, Ian mostly spent the past weeks logging all our footage, I managed to transcribe the interview material with our two key protagonists, and so we should be able to put together something really cool by the time we meet with them. Anyway, the idea was to start a first rough edit of our film in June, that’s what we’ve been preparing for. So the first thing we’ll do now is to make a cut of some of our best material that we can then show those guys.

Dating-wise, I have spending more time with someone, J. We went on two dates, afterwards she seemed unsure about whether to keep going on (partly because she has a kid and a very busy life and doesn’t feel like she can make it all work out), but then that turned into a message exchange which finally led to us going out again, under the presumption that we would take things really slowly, and the night before last she came to my place, I cooked for us, and she spent the night (without us having sex, we didn’t go further than kissing).

The experience was a little weird for me, because I couldn’t help compare with F, and the vibe was just very different, physically it didn’t feel as comfortable right from the start as it did with her, and I felt more distant and less involved. But I am intending to give it time, and to not rush to conclusions, because I think J is a very cool person.

This afternoon, I’m going to a big demonstration against right-wing xenophobic politics, and she said she was going to come — and bring her kid!

My life does have a soothing routine to it, these days. I have my breakfast rituals that I am now following pretty much every day, I go to the office where I do my work, and it seems that I am finding a rhythm in life in ways that I haven’t really been able to for way too long. That is nice. At the same time, my awareness of the catastrophe that mankind is headed for — ecologically, socially, economically — is probably more acute than ever, and it is sometimes not easy to live a good life in a bad world.

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