A Life-Changing Week?

Last week may turn out to have been kind of momentous.

On Thursday evening, I had the chance to present our climate change project in front of a group of green investors. And the contacts that are currently developing out of that seem promising, and potentially there may be someone, or more than one person, who are willing to support us in a way that may actually enable us to finally pay a salary to some people, and allow us to take our project to the next level.

And then on Friday, Ian and I presented some of our material to the film maker and his colleague that I already spoke about. We had worked very hard for three days, to put together the material that we brought to the meeting. And it paid off. Before the meeting, the guys were curious, but also worried that we may not actually have a film, but just interviews. (They told us this, after having seen our material.)

And then they saw that we not only have what it takes (hopefully …) to make an actual documentary, but that we’ve also been able to film good quality images, and that we know how to edit. It was incredibly gratifying to have seasoned film makers tell us that we know what we’re doing. That alone made the meeting worthwhile. But beyond that, they said other very helpful things. In particular that they are convinced that they’ll find a way to get me back the money I’ve invested in the making of the film. It was a great relief to see that they felt convinced that there was potential in our work.

Ian and I were elated after the meeting. He said “this couldn’t have gone any better.” I told him that we entered that meeting as amateurs, and left it as actual filmmakers. This may be our breakthrough that allows us to take the film to the level that we actually think this film should have. It was great news.

And on Saturday, we went on the road again with our climate change show. We performed it at a little festival by a lake, and hung out there afterwards. It was very nice and chilled, and I managed to relax a little, maybe for the first time in weeks. And I talked to a woman I’d met in the context of our show project earlier in the year, and who I think I might be attracted to. And that takes me to the one remaining issue:

I have begun to feel like things with J are somehow not developing the way they should. And it’s all on my end: I don’t feel the urgency, the need to be with her. There is a lack of enthusiasm that is troubling me. And I will need to talk to her about it. We haven’t yet slept together. And I think maybe we shouldn’t. It’s so ironic — in many ways, this feels a little like what F must have felt towards me.

And then, of course, there is the state of the world. The scorching summer that seems to be upon us again is another reminder that we’re in the process of breaking the planet for humans. That is always with me.

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