Trucking Along.

Things are developing. And at the same time they’re not. It’s more in the realm of possibility that they seem to be happening, but not yet in actual fact. Our opportunities with our new partners are growing, yet nothing is actually happening yet. We have worked on documents and a teaser trailer that they will use to promote our film. But they are only starting now. Our climate show is making progress. We are organising more and more gigs. At the same time, I am still not sure how we’ll make money come next year.

I have had some dating experiences that showed me, once again, that it is almost as hard to not love enough as it is to not be loved enough.

I told J that I am not feeling enough, we spoke on the phone. She took it well and suggested that we could be friends. We’ll spend this Thursday evening together. I met someone from another city, she came to spend the last weekend with me, but it turned out that this wasn’t working for me, either. I feel sorry about it — she is cute and funny and warm-hearted and a good person. But if — over the course of a weekend — I feel like I want to slide away from her, and stop to physically engage, and begin to feel uncomfortable when she kisses me, then there is not much I can do, is there? I cannot will these feelings into being? On some level that may be possible, but it’s limited. It can only go so far.

I spent a weekend with Nana, which was very nice. She is my little sister now.

With the vollehalle team, we went to a meeting with a national TV star. He was interested and might help us develop our show further. Like I said, all in the realm of possibilities.

It was nicely fresh and cool these past weeks. Now it’s going get really hot again for a while. I don’t like that.

Apparently, Boris Johnson just became Prime Minister in the UK. It’s a crazy fucked up world.

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