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After the Show.

It’s hard to summarize what happened in the last weeks. It’s been so long ago that I last wrote, middle of August. That feels almost like a lifetime away (only slightly exaggerated …). From the middle/end of August onwards, we … Continue reading

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Louis CK live in Copenhagen.

I spent my last weekend in Copenhagen. On the day of Nana’s birthday (who was and still is in Greece), I flew to Copenhagen because that night Louis CK was performing live at the Forum, and I’d bought the tickets … Continue reading

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I don’t feel like writing.

So I’ll stick to the bare minimum. I’ve been watching The Good Wife, and I am in love with Alicia Florrick, I think. The week before last, I was sick at home for a couple of days, and first I … Continue reading

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Much Better.

I am feeling much better than last weekend. I had a type of breakthrough experience last Monday. I was walking around Munich airport, before I was getting on a plane to Rome, and I was feeling miserable. Much like I … Continue reading

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I’ve just been crying. Quite a lot. Because I watched Hugo, and it had the most remarkable effect on me. It made me so happy that I had to cry. At the end of an otherwise not very happy weekend … Continue reading

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Easter Weekend.

It’s Easter Sunday, I spent the morning with family. My cousin has lots of children (three are already there, the fourth one is on the way), she lives in Switzerland with her husband who is really cool guy, a journalist. … Continue reading

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Been a While.

Boardwalk Empire is a lot of fun. I am very much enjoying it. Unfortunately, disc 2 of my set is broken. I got through the episodes on it somehow, and will finish the box set, but then return it to … Continue reading

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Two Berlin Weeks.

Two weeks since I wrote my last entry. Let’s see … what happened? Berlinale is on again. And last night, Whitney Houston died. It’s all over the media. I never particularly liked her music, and I never particularly liked how … Continue reading

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Life is good.

Last night, I went to see Mark Knopfler and Bob Dylan at their double bill concert at Le ZĂ©nith in Lille. I enjoyed it (spent too much time and attention on making photos, though), but I also felt – like … Continue reading

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I think I had a nice breakthrough this afternoon. I designed my two protagonists, and came up with a convincing idea for my antagonist. Rather happy about that. Just now I came back from the videostore and the supermarket. I … Continue reading

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