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I’m back. Sitting at my friend Kal’s dining room table. And it’s an incredibly relaxing weekend. I came because I was invited at a birthday party last night, which was fun, but mainly I was hanging out with Kal, and … Continue reading

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One Week in Spain.

With colleagues from work, I did a one-week workshop in Barcelona last week. We rented an AirBnB, and worked together on ideas and proposals for our biggest client. N was there with us, she actually ran the workshop for us. … Continue reading

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I am angry.

Angry at Nana who is asking herself questions because of the long distance element in our relationship. Angry at friends from Berlin who have stood me up again like I knew they would. Angry at Pac who doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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Another Week In Pain.

It’s hopefully now over. After another week in my self-inflicted agony, I finally got to a point where it became just absolutely abundantly clear to me that this had to end. She is so addicted to my attention and passion … Continue reading

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Non-stop Traveller.

Last week, I had meetings at our Spanish office. On Tuesday, they organised a little conference at a business school where I gave a speech. It turned out that one of our competitors had sent a colleague to listen in. … Continue reading

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