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The Nightmare.

It came true. America did it. This past week, I have been losing sleep over this. I am scared. What is going on? I hope people all around the world will finally realize and wake up to the fact that … Continue reading

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An Overall Sense of Unease and Worry.

It’s Satuday afternoon, I’m sitting on the sofa in the small apartment that I am renting from Drew. Yesterday, we finally finished my first animated cartoon, I had done the sound myself, but he helped me mix and master it. … Continue reading

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Much Better Now.

Things are finally getting better. I’ve been living full time in Berlin now for over a week. And the pace is slowing down, I feel like I am slowly arriving. My little temporary home is working fairly well for me, … Continue reading

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Blocking Out the Mayhem.

I read on Twitter the other day that climate change researchers have found that the melting of the pole caps is going much faster than most researchers thought before, most likely leading to major coastal cities getting flooded within a … Continue reading

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Love & Distance.

I’m sitting in our cottage again. It’s always so good to be here. Yesterday (Saturday), I spent all day – from noon until deep into the night – working on a little animated GIF idea that I had thought up … Continue reading

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Today, I spent the day in Kassel at dOCUMENTA, the art show, with Marty. The other day, Steve and Ursula had been talking so favourably about it, that we decided to go. It was okay – we just spent too … Continue reading

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Emotions, Talk about Sex, Music, and other Necessities in Life.

The foul mood I was in when I posted my last entry didn’t really last, but this holiday week was not quite the way I would have liked it to be. The hockey game had been fun. Here is a … Continue reading

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Life in a Day.

Went to see the “Life in a Day” at Berlinale yesterday. Amazing, I really enjoyed it, and marveled at the type of stories that come together when the whole world is contributing. Remarkable. Afterwards, I went back home and worked … Continue reading

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I’ve taken the day off today, a one-day-holiday. Mainly to work on my animation project. But I thought I got lucky, M is doing the Berlinale and yesterday she came home with a ticket for me – the public screening … Continue reading

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The coffee course yesterday was fun. Nothing outrageously exciting, but I had a good time. There were a couple of people whom I know from Twitter; all in all, there were six of us. Afterwards, I returned home and worked … Continue reading

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