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An Overall Sense of Unease and Worry.

It’s Satuday afternoon, I’m sitting on the sofa in the small apartment that I am renting from Drew. Yesterday, we finally finished my first animated cartoon, I had done the sound myself, but he helped me mix and master it. … Continue reading

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My Brain Is in Flawless Condition.

Over a month and a half that I’ve not written. The problem is that I don’t really enjoy writing this these days. But I feel like I have to. So it becomes a chore. Which makes it even less fun. … Continue reading

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The Longest Break Ever.

I went mountain-biking for the first time in my life yesterday, with a new friend here in Italy, Juan. It was really intense, but also really nice. I bought a really nice mountain bike online over the summer and had … Continue reading

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Up and Down.

That’s the way things are going. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Sometimes I am doing fairly okay, keeping my anxiety and my hopes at bay, while I don’t hear from N, relying on my own self, thinking about my life in … Continue reading

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Being Single.

There is a lot of fear. And anxiety. And a rush of activity towards things that I hope will make me feel better. And less alone. Like signing up with couchsurfing.org, or trying online dating again, or planning trips and … Continue reading

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