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The One Thing that Remains Is Change.

Last time I wrote, my title already said that everything is different. And again, after a month and a half later, it keeps on feeling like that. The most radical change may be that I have finally moved into my … Continue reading

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The Nightmare.

It came true. America did it. This past week, I have been losing sleep over this. I am scared. What is going on? I hope people all around the world will finally realize and wake up to the fact that … Continue reading

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Crazy Week.

Today is Sunday. At the tail end of a very exhausting and, sometimes, confusting week. Originally, I was supposed to fly to Paris on Monday morning, to stay for the whole week with the colleagues. But then I stayed here … Continue reading

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I had a horrible night and a fairly bad day. Last night, I was in a telephone conference from hell. It was about the future of our company, it involved external consultants, the stakes are fairly high, and it was … Continue reading

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