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Trucking Along.

Throughout the month of October, I was mostly busy editing the film of the show that we had done at the end of September. We filmed it with three cameras, and I took it upon myself to cut that into … Continue reading

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Setting the Sails for 2016.

It’s been almost two months that I have not written. I have been pretty sad recently, because of the political situation — not only in Germany, with the refugees, but all over Europe really. In Poland, they have a horrible … Continue reading

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Had a bicycle accident last night. On my way back from the video rental place, I rode my bike down an incline, picked up quite some momentum, and at the bottom I steered into a curve, and the bike tires … Continue reading

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Bigger plans.

Yesterday, our CEO Tone and I had a four hour meeting with our most important client. We had been planning to discuss a few important subjects about developing our business in 2011, but they had bigger plans and launched into … Continue reading

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