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It’s the middle of January, and the last three months are hard to describe. They were intense. My relationship with F went through some pretty radical ups and downs. One of the best things was that we went on a … Continue reading

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The Year I Took The Red Pill.

Let’s make no mistake — objectively speaking, my life situation is absolutely enviable. I live in one of the most stable Western democracies, I have enough money to not have to work for quite a while, my parents and I … Continue reading

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Setting the Sails for 2016.

It’s been almost two months that I have not written. I have been pretty sad recently, because of the political situation — not only in Germany, with the refugees, but all over Europe really. In Poland, they have a horrible … Continue reading

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Digesting … dissecting … 2013.

The sky is blue and I am sitting in the office in Italy. I have a good internet connection here, not yet at home, so I came to the office to do some Internet stuff. The past two weeks were … Continue reading

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I Wrote A Song.

It happened last night. On Friday I had sent N the best “All the Best for New Year’s” email that I could possibly write. She’ll be spending the coming days (I presume with her boy-friend) on a short holiday somewhere … Continue reading

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Starting the New Decade.

At midnight on that sharp edge between the end 2010 and the beginning of 2011, I was standing on Montmartre in Paris, right below Sacré Coeur. Since the summer of 2010, I was single again, and – as most singles … Continue reading

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