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Revelation & Revolution.

That one-week conference I wrote about turned out to be a revelation. It was the most remarkable collection of intelligent, engaged, involved, passionate, open, curious people I have ever been part of. It’s changed the way I see the world, … Continue reading

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It’s my birthday today. I am turning 45. I was a bit depressed last night. I had fallen in love with Lynn on that weekend, and so I had written her afterwards that I would like to see her again. … Continue reading

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Non-stop Traveller.

Last week, I had meetings at our Spanish office. On Tuesday, they organised a little conference at a business school where I gave a speech. It turned out that one of our competitors had sent a colleague to listen in. … Continue reading

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The past week and a half was a sort of rollercoaster ride. I spent the last weekend with family on the other side of the country. My cousin and his family have a beautiful house, and I once lived with … Continue reading

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