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French Findings.

I’m late. I try to blog on weekends, to cover the previous week, and now it’s already Monday. Monday through Wednesday last week, I was in Paris. I had meetings at our company there. On Tuesday night, I had a … Continue reading

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Good Turmoil.

We got heat at the company. Heat from a client. And that is rattling at the foundations of the system. And that is a good thing. I have been worried, unhappy, insecure about certain aspects of our work for the … Continue reading

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American V.

I’m sitting here with my cup of coffee, listening to Johnny Cash’s American V. I picket it up at the train station last week, along with Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde. It’s a good way to start a Saturday – … Continue reading

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Dinner at the Bar.

The Italian restaurant, 5 walking minutes away from my hotel in Düssedorf, is totally packed. I found a spot at the bar, though. First, a green tea and a Minestrone (I still need to get better, after all), then Rigatoni … Continue reading

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