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Travelling Near and Far.

I think I may be in love with someone a clean 10,000 km away … The week before last, Ian and I accompanied one of the protagonists of our documentary film to Central America, for a fashion conference. It was … Continue reading

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Trucking Along.

Throughout the month of October, I was mostly busy editing the film of the show that we had done at the end of September. We filmed it with three cameras, and I took it upon myself to cut that into … Continue reading

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Blocking Out the Mayhem.

I read on Twitter the other day that climate change researchers have found that the melting of the pole caps is going much faster than most researchers thought before, most likely leading to major coastal cities getting flooded within a … Continue reading

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Birthday Week.

Last Tuesday, I spent an offline day at our cottage again. It was very nice, once again, and very productive. The difference, this time around, was that my parents were there, too. They were spending their summer vacation there. I … Continue reading

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I went skating earlier today. I had been wrestling with the idea of finally going to the gym again, but somehow can’t make myself. The idea of going for a skate seemed to make more sense. But it wasn’t a … Continue reading

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I’ve taken the day off today, a one-day-holiday. Mainly to work on my animation project. But I thought I got lucky, M is doing the Berlinale and yesterday she came home with a ticket for me – the public screening … Continue reading

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I had a week now with lots of time to think. As I was sitting at home, consuming pop culture products and tea, there was a lot of time to seek inspiration. And so I kept thinking about artistic expression … Continue reading

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